What is a window’s U-value and why does it matter?

What is a window’s U-value and why does it matter?

The U-value of a window indicates how effective it is at preventing heat from escaping your property. The lower the U-value, the better your window’s thermal performance.

U-values are something that we talk about a lot in our industry, but what does it mean when we say that our windows boast the lowest U-values on the market? And how does this benefit you?

What is the U-value of a window?

The U-value of a window is measured in Watts per square metre Kelvin ( W/m2 K ) and measures the rate at which heat is lost through it. A high U-value means that the window is a better energy conductor; this isn’t a good thing, because it means that it lets more heat escape through it. Alternatively, a low U-value means that your window has better insulating properties and traps more heat inside your home.

U-values are taken into account when allocating window energy ratings. Window energy ratings use a coloured ranking system between
A+ – G, with A+ awarded to the most energy efficient windows and G to the lowest.

Why is having windows with low U-values important?

There are a number of benefits to choosing windows with a low U-value, including the huge potential to cut down on your heating bills. If your windows are more energy efficient, then you will need to heat your property much less than you would with underperforming windows. This is because windows with a lower U-value let less heat escape, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact!

You will also benefit from better soundproofing with our triple glazed windows, as the extra panes of glass and the space inbetween provide an effective sound barrier between you and the outside world.

So, when we say that our range of rooflights all have a U-value of just 0.83 compared with our competitors’ windows at 1.2, we are offering you the best chance to reduce your carbon footprint whilst making excellent energy savings! Browse our range today. 

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