What are the advantages of rooflights?

What are the advantages of rooflights?

There are many advantages to installing rooflights to your property, but the number one reason most homeowners are interested in rooflights is to bring more natural light into a room.

Rooflights are most common in a commercial environment but are becoming more popular for residential buildings that have large ceiling spaces. Custom Roof lights are one of the leading market leaders in the industry, as we offer a 20-year warranty on all roof light products. Discover the advantages of a roof light in your commercial or residential building today! 

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The benefits of rooflights

Reduces CO2 emissions 

Although artificial lighting is widely used across many commercial businesses, it should not be a long-term solution due to the CO2 emissions produced. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that affects the weather, climate change, and increases the global temperature. By having rooflights in your building instead of relying on artificial lighting will help protect our natural environment. 

Brightens up your office 

It’s worrying to know that most office workers in the UK do not get enough natural daylight. It’s important to have good lighting so your workforce can be as productive as possible, but this doesn’t mean that rooflights can’t help with this. The benefits of daylight include regulating body clocks, improving mental wellbeing and physical health. Browse our rooflight range now! 

Saves money 

As rooflights allow natural lighting to flood into an environment, this means that you can save money on your electricity bills as artificial lighting won’t be needed as much. This is ideal for a large warehouse building or open-plan office, where good lighting is essential. Depending on the layout of your business, your workforce could be some distance away from windows that are letting in natural light, rooflights will give more light and the illusion of more space. 

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