How to illuminate a dark room

How to illuminate a dark room

A bright and airy home can help boost your mood, lower stress levels and aid relaxation but what do you do when your rooms suffer from poor light infiltration? At Custom Rooflights, we believe you shouldn’t settle for living in the dark so to help our customers get the most out of their homes, our experts have rounded up some of their best hints and tricks for transforming a dark space into a light-filled oasis. 

Install a custom rooflight

Yes, we may be a little bit biased, but there really is no better way to transform a dark area in your home than by installing a custom roof or skylight to flood the room with natural light. As market leaders for the manufacture and supply of first-class flat or walk-on skylights and rooflights, we are proud to have helped countless people make the most out of their homes with our quality products and service.   

Paint your walls and ceilings white

Painting the room in neutral or white colours will allow the daylight to bounce off the walls and help create a brighter space. There are even special paints that have been specifically designed to help reflect up to 2 times more light than standard paint. 

Use mirrors to reflect light  

Hanging lots of mirrors is a sure way to boost illumination because when the sun’s rays hit the shiny surface, they reflect back into the room. If possible, try placing a large mirror directly across from the window and arranging smaller ones in an interesting pattern around the room to really make the most of this great tip.

Choose a lighter curtain fabric

Ditch the heavy, light-absorbing curtains and instead opt for fabrics made from lighter materials or translucent blinds. These sheer textiles will still give you privacy without compromising on light. 

Let light in with clean windows

This may seem obvious but simply giving your windows a good clean can let lots of extra light filter through the sparkling glass. The great news for those who find window cleaning a chore is that at Custom Rooflights all our skylights come with state-of-the-art self-cleaning glass, so you can be sure of maximum light penetration without having to lift a finger. Genius.

Here at Custom Rooflights, we have earned an excellent reputation for our high-quality skylights and rooflights as well as our impeccable customer service.  If you’re looking to transform your home with a custom skylight, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today by contacting us on 01202 802111

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